Ms Excel Spreadsheet tutorial part-2 (worksheet management)

worksheet management

Worksheet is a really important element for Ms Excel Spreadsheet. If you open a new document on ms excel you must get three sheets. It will have serial basis integer 1, 2 and 3. Beside the default sheets we can add, delete, rename, hide and unhide the sheets. In this tutorial we will describe about the lesson.

How to add a new worksheet:

Actually it’s a common task. You already have 3 default sheets but you need another one. So follow the direction below.

File >> Insert >> worksheet

worksheet management

How to delete a new worksheet:

It’s another common task for you. Suppose you need to delete a worksheet. So follow the direction.

Select the worksheet which you want to delete >> Go to Edit >> Delete Sheet

worksheet management

How to use hide and unhide a worksheet:

There are two submenu is present for hide and unhide into the format menu.

Select a worksheet which you want to hide >> Go to Format >> Sheet >> Select hide first >> Next if you agree to recover the sheet just click on unhide and select which one.

worksheet management

How to rename a worksheet:

To rename a worksheet is essential for an ms excel tutorial. It’s a shortcut way. If you learn it easily you will another shortcut tips from here.

Right click on a sheet name >> Click Rename >> now write your desire name

worksheet management

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